Although I appreciate your concern about my well-being

Although I appreciate your concern about my well-being, I assure you that there is no reason for me to withdraw or return home. According to the National Prion Clinic, prion disease cannot be transmitted from one person to another through relatively close contact. In cases of prion disease, the brain and spinal cord are thought to be extremely infectious. As a result, direct contact with them seems to be the most common form of transmission. The people who have died studied abroad in Scotland during the time there were outbreaks of mad cow disease, a type of prion disease that affects cattle. During their time there, they ate haggis and brawn, meals made from the stomach and brain of cattle, respectively. These students most likely ingested the brain of an infected cow and, thus, became afflicted with vCJD, a form of Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease resulting from an abnormal folding of the prion protein. The deviant prion protein caused the normal proteins located in their central nervous system to transform into the misfolded or disease-causing form, resulting in the death of their neurons and the formation of holes within their brain. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that the disease that took the life of my peers will not present any danger to me, unless I eat the parts of their central nervous system.


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