All captain of Venetian ships offered his service to

All these three events changed the course of history.
In my view, the most momentous in these three events
was the fall of Constantinople. Because the fall
of Constantinople affected European, Middle East Asia and African countries
whereas peasant rebellion ushered in Ming Dynasty and the first battle of
Panipat changed their states only. The fall of Constantinople is the end of the
Middle Age. Religion and culture, Trading, Technology and Conquering main
domains of consequences of fall of Constantinople. What are the implications of
European countries, Africa and India? How Ottomans affected in future for
conquering Constantinople?

Religions and Culture:

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Due to break of the bond between
Eastern countries and late Byzantine Empire, Christians accepted Ottoman’s
rule. Ottomans  Constantinople was under
the dominance of Christians for 1100 years whereas later it came to the hands
of Islams. Ottomans conquered the holy city Jersuleum after the fall of
Constantinople and gained Prestige. There was a significant
impact on churches, renaissance and culture after conquering Constantinople.

Technology and Conquering:

For conquering Constantinople, they
got new technology of gunpowder. Due to the conquering of Constantinople, it
led quickly to conquer North East Anatolia and Peloponnese. Then Empire became
continuous, not as parts of past. Until this War, the occupation of Ottomans doesn’t
have naval forces. In this war, The captain of Venetian ships offered his
service to Mehmed II. Again naval troops had a significant role in Suleiman’s conquering
territories of Hungary and other central European. Due to this Ottomans got
control over India trade routes and Red sea.


Mehmed II constructed a significant trading
market in Constantinople. Since ottomans stood across trade routes to the
European, India, Middle Asia, China and North Africa. European countries had a great
loss due to the block of trade routes. So, Europen nations ordered sailors for
discovering new trade routes. This announcement leads Columbus to discover
America in the West and Vasco da Gama to sail to Pondicherry in India towards
the South. They also found many dark countries in Africa towards the South. The
discovering of countries led to colonies of European countries and gained a vast
amount regarding taxes.

Ruining of Ottoman:











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