All be combined to another organism, for example rabbits

All living things, plants and animals, have DNA
{Deoxyribonucleic acid} which is found in the nucleus. It is the long molecule
with information for the protein synthesis in the body. The small amount of DNA
is found in the mitochondria in eukaryotes and its function is to convert the
food into usable form by the cells. The other is found in plasmid, in
prokaryotic / bacteria, and its function is to resist against antibiotics. The
DNA differs from each individual and species. The DNA from plants, will only
carry information on the synthesis of the protein that will make it to be a
plant. The DNA from animals, including humans, carry information on protein
synthesis that will make it to be a dog or a cat or a human.


Nowadays, due to the technology, the DNA from one
organism, for example a jellyfish which glow green in the presence of UV light,
can be combined to another organism, for example rabbits or bacteria. The new
DNA formed from these two organisms is called a recombinant. When a recombinant
DNA is inserted into the bacteria or rabbits, it will start to show some
characteristics of the jellyfish, turns green in the darkness in the presence
of UV light. The bacteria are said to be genetically modified. This is also
done in agriculture to increase productivity and to make organisms resist
diseases. In increasing yield in agriculture an example of maize which is tall
and yields high is at risk of logging when heavy rain or wind comes than short
plant which yield low. Therefore, if the shortness and high yield
characteristics are put in one plant, the farmers yield will be high.
Scientists changes the gene of the tall plant in the lab to make the maize
plant to have the desired characteristics, short and high yield maize plants.
The process is called genetic modification of organisms, GMO. Genetic
modification is also achieved by deleting the gene from the organism. For example,
in white button mushroom, scientists isolate the gene which makes it to become
brown when it is growing old. 

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