Alison It isn’t like any other story; it is

Alison Bechdel wrote the story, Are You My Mother? It isn’t like any other story; it is a story that was drawn out for the reader. Bechdel writes of her story, “Of course the point at which I began to write the story is not the same as the point at which the story begins” (Page 79). Later Bechdel mentions, “Another difficulty is the fact that they story of my mother and me is unfolding even as I write it” (Page 82). From these two statements, it seems like Bechdel is suggesting there are difficulties of writing autobiographical work. There are difficult parts in writing an autobiographical piece because of it can change at any point. For example, when you are writing about someone you are never going to get the whole story at every time; there is going to be new information each time. On top of that, one is trying to put this story into graphics, which could be considered a whole new level of writing when people are not use to it. If this story was written in other words, this whole story would have a different plot twist. And if other words were used, then the pictures that Bechdel drew in the first place would not make sense with a different word selection. How did Bechdel limit herself, well it’s simple. The way Bechdel explained her story was on the dark side. It’s not a happy story that Bechdel is telling, nor a nice one. Bechdel as an author wants to express her feelings in her life at this point.Getting the option to compare Bechtel’s piece to a film that I have watched, it wasn’t hard to make a decision. If you have ever watched Freaky Friday, then you will agree that the mother and the daughter in this film do not get along just like Bechtel’s mother and herself. Tess (mother) and Anna (daughter) never saw eye to eye in the movie. Tess never got into Anna’s music life and never enjoyed it in her house. While Anna was performing in the garage with her band, Tess said that was enough and turned the power off. As you see already, there is a connection between the two storylines. Bechdel and her mother do not get along, as Tess and Anna don’t get along either. After going to a Chinese Restaurant, both Tess and Anna read the same on a fortune cookie. And after that night they wake up being in the other person’s shoes.In both the graphic memoir of Bechdel’s and the film Freaky Friday, towards the end of each respective piece the main characters  figure out why their mothers do what they do. Bechdel needs to go through therapy and after Anna is in Tess’s shoes, she then realizes why Tess does what she does to be a mother.


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