Agriculture influenced human growth by modification in human life which made it unstable society

Agriculture influenced human growth by modification in human life which made it unstable society. Governments should manage their individuals and add laws and rules for families before marriage for how many youngsters each family should have, so foods and goods distribution cause social difference. When work is shared by males and females that has hyperbolic reliance on female labor, sturdy governments expand by forceful elite, and complicated modern technologies. Moreover agriculture can cause climate change with affect human way of living, behavior, dressing and food diet. The effects of climate change will affect the economy. Agriculture allowed humans to settle into one location and give up the peregrine style. They not had to move to follow their food supply. And that allowed them to have more jobs for citizens.

Farming and Foraging are two different activates humans had to do in the early life. Foraging is hunting in the wild looking for animals people could eat no matter what kind of animal is it, until about 12,000 to 11,000 years ago. While farming is planting some fruits and vegetables that people consume, the first signs of harvests began to show up at the Mediterranean. Both societies has advantage and disadvantage. The advantage that agriculture (farming) has is that food will never finish unless there is no water in area, so farming consider an renewable source. Farming society can remade the nature and develop there society and build cites, houses and organizations, thus it create new jobs for people, but the foragers mangle the landscape which remains the same. Moreover Farming helped people to interdepend between human, plants, and animals. It also expands population that would lead to more farming and more farming means higher economical rate. Both of the activates are dangers to our health, but citizens who use farming as a way of living have more healthier life because the food that they grow is healthier, but while hunting hunters can’t know if the animals have diseases.

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