Adversity matters was to be like by everyone. Even

Adversity is something that either affect someone physically, mentally or both at the same time. Sometimes, encountering adversity may be a good or bad experience, it differs for each individual. It shapes us differently and gives us a strong character, some people can show courage, others may crumble in despair in front of it. In the play, “Death of A Salesman” by Arthur Miller, we see how Willy Loman, and his son, Biff Loman, go through life with different childhood background but both fail to realize that the adversity they faced in their youth  They shows us that adversity shapes our identity and our lives. Initially, Willy Loman craved attention and desired to successful, he constantly referred to his brother Ben,who made a fortune in diamond mining in Africa, and represents all the things Willy desires for himself and his sons. However, a large portion of the play consist of Willy’s fragmented memories and re-relive of the past, Willy not only remembers an event but also relive it, engaging himself in the situation as if it happens for the first time. Consequently, Willy becomes more irrational and is not able to transition between his memory of the past and the reality of the present. Therefore, the fact that Willy went through all these difficulties, proves that it shaped his identity and the future of his family. However,Ben Loman, who was the older brother of Willy, left his younger brother to achieve success, and being wealthy. However, because he did leave his brother and did not follow his father he became what he wanted to be, a successful man. Consequently, Willy wished to be like his brother but does not take the same path as his to be wealthy. Therefore, Willy idolized his brother and tried to make his son like Ben, but that did not happen.Consequently, Biff was the favorite son of Willy, and got advice from his father that school does not matter but the only thing that matters was to be like by everyone. Even though, at the end he realized that he dad was talking nonsense, he did follow the ideals of his father while his youth. Consequently, he was stubborn, not educated and mislead by his papa. Therefore, when he grew up, he was betrayed by his father’s teaching on the ideals that his father put into him, and also on the cheating on his mother by his father really pushed him to see beyond this fooly.To sum up, Willy, died thinking that he was loved but no one came to his funeral, and he was unknown. Ben, who actually was successful and loved, died in peace and led the life he wanted. Biff who was fooled by his father’s foolishness grew up the wrong way but change to lead his life the right way. Even though being left by their father the same time, the two brothers did not grew up to the same way of life. Ben decided to dictate his life and became the person he wanted, and lived well. Willy, became a salesman, who wanted to be loved by everyone and become successful like his brother but did not attain that goal. While Biff who made a mistake in his youth decided to change himself in his adulthood to not become the same as his father All three of theses characters each faced adversity and produced an identity either wanted, unwanted, which was shaped by the struggle from their life.


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