According to The National Health and Morbidity Survey 2015

According to The National Health and Morbidity Survey 2015, 4.2 million of Malaysians age 16 and above are suffering from mental health problems. The survey also reported a steady rise in prevalence of psychiatric morbidity for those in 16 years old of age – 10.6% (1996), 11.2% (2006), and 29.2% (2015). In recent years, there is a rapid increase in reported cases of youth depression and suicides. This is the proof that a serious measure need to be taken into consideration in order to address mental health issues among children and adolescence.

I believe that current lifestyle, environmental factors and social media influence are the greatest factors that leads to mental disorder among children and adolescence.

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Multiple factors such as struggling with studies, stress with work, overload of financial commitments, dire to meet family expectation and unstable relationship, this is among the hot topics of concern for most of us. All this factor can cause a number of physical ailments such as eating disorders, chronic headaches or difficulty of sleeping. Ultimately, it will affect the cognitive ability of a person to function and perform well.

Children and adolescence currently have to compete with so many high achievers with parents and family put a high expectation for their child to perform well in study, hence to get a better job in future. But, individuals in this age are still mentally or neurologically developing, thus they might not be able to adapt all those high expectations and it will trigger stress.


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