According to Schiller

According to Schiller (2018), diversity helps organisations to become more innovative and more successful. The most representative example is NIKE. Fostering diversity of employees is a key factor in boosting innovation within organisations. Yet, diversity creates a better understanding of the customer base as it takes a broad spectrum of diverse minds, cultures, and experiences to effectively connect with different audiences. Thence, the diverse culture of Nike was inseparable with its organisational culture.
According to the Business Wire (2016) stated that Nike was released its FY14/15 Sustainable Business Report, the CEO of Nike indicates that, at Nike, he believes that diversity boosts innovation and creativity. Nike emphasis the distinct experiences and backgrounds employee brings and wants all who are joined to excite their full potential. As different perspectives can provide the excellent ideas, Nike is committed to a workplace that is increasingly diverse and inclusive (Nike Inc, 2018). Therefore, the organizational culture of Nike supports organization tolerance and capability. With consideration of relations of Nike with customers and other employees, employees of Nike are given a set of instruction, rules, and expectation on how to complete their jobs (Young, 2017). This method assures that the Nike maintains its organisation culture and inclusive diversity, which partly helpful to the success of the business.


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