According to Maginnis

According to Maginnis, White, & Mckenna (2000), based on the past years, teachers and students in college have enjoyed the many benefits by using wired technology. However, wired technology offers limited access for usage because of lack of ability to move from one place to another. This is means that wired gadget or computer cannot provide anywhere ability to do things, anytime, between a benefit now offered by mobile wireless technologies. The work of mobile wireless technologies can overcome the restriction of (teaches things) (ability to change) with wired invention of new things and it will offer help understudies to (accomplish or gain with effort) to the (related to school and learning) excellence. So that, with the extremely important points of good advances is, mobile wireless technologies can offer help to move forward and (how good (or good enough) something is) in teaching and learning for the students. Wireless laptops are the other name of mobile computer that is most popular mobile technologies that is used in institution


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