According spent RM1.8 billion shopping on the Internet in

According to the
article which Sundarapandiyan N, Duraiarasi B,Dr. Babu S and Dr. Prabakaran K
(2015) conducted a research to study the influence of Media Advertisement on
the purchasing decisions of Generation Y customers in Penang, Malaysia. Besides
that, it also helps to support the marketers to more effectively reach
Generation Y customers. Moreover, they found out that media Advertisements on
quality of products or services influenced Generation Y customers’ purchasing
decisions with high quality and high price of the product was very significant
whereas Well-known Brands and Best-selling Brands were less significant. Furthermore,
the relationship between the Generation Y personal characteristics and their buying
decisions were significantly affected by Occupation and Monthly Income. Another
purpose of this study also supports the marketers to create appropriate
marketing communication and advertisements besides the right media choice. They
found out that the marketing method is divide into few types which is media
advertisement, Internet, word-of- mouth and so on. Firstly, television
advertising is efficient and effective in leading to generation Y consumers purchasing
decision. This method able to change the consumer behavior and also provides
new patterns for purchasing and creating brand awareness or giving a sense of
urgency to own a product or to build recognition for the product or to remind
customers to come back. While for the Internet has become a popular advertising
stage due to they researched that the Internet possess greater flexibility and
control over the advertising materials which delivered by print, audio, and
video clip. According to a study by Research Company, Malaysians spent RM1.8
billion shopping on the Internet in 2010 and users said online advertising was
informative but less entertaining, and it did not encourage them to make
purchases even they did not perceive it to increase product prices. In
addition, there is a strong marketing tool amongst the 60% of Y-Generation respondents
asserting they have positively strengthened a product which is Word-of-Mouth.
They also recently found study by SITEL, there is only 28.7% of Generation-Y
makes buying decisions depend on their friend’s favourite. Around 44.3% of
Generation-Y makes decisions depend on word-of-mouth. In a nutshell, the
significant variables are identified and their relationships between media
advertisements influence to generation Y consumer’s purchasing decisions with
all mass Medias, product quality and personal characteristics like education,
income, and consumer perception were in general positive and significantly


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