According its business and but working well in some

to year 2010, Subway Company is the fastest growing franchise in the all over
world, working with 35,000 restaurants in 97 countries. In other words, Subway
is the leader in selling sandwich market, offering to eat a healthy food. Besides
that, Subway is competing in high competitive market with its strategic
marketing plans. Subway is becoming more famous for its healthy food as
Subway Diet. Thus, they are making new strategies to expand its business
and more focusing on product strategy to create market competition. Hence,
like what Subway says, ‘EAT SUBWAY, EAT FRESH!’ Generally, Subway did a very
good job on their marketing skills such as advertising because majority of respondent
did agree that Subway is as fresh as it is advertise. Basically, Subway having
troubles in its business and but working well in some areas. The Subway Company
has gained good reputation for many years in order to help it enters the market
easier. Besides, Subway often changes their menu to adapt different customers
taste. All of these factors help Subway to get more attention from the customer
and build up their brand around the world. Moreover, in order to target more
places, Subway can expand its menu by offer more combos and products with lower
price than current ones. Besides doing this, Subway should keep its Western
style to differentiate from direct competitor. By doing these, Subway aims to
increase its competitiveness and expand its restaurant by enforce its
reputation in many different areas. Moreover, promotions and discounts is the
primary strategy that steals customers’ heart away. This is because many of
them believe that the ingredients used in Subway is fresh and without
preservatives. As Subway proceeds into
the future, it must become even more competitive than it already is. As the
fitness and health trend continues, other fast food restaurants will catch on
and modify their own product offerings and advertisements. Currently, Subway is
the market leader for these aspects, but in the future it may not be so. Therefore,
the company should attempt to connect more with customers in order to maintain
and satisfy them. All
in all, Subway is the international brand with a world-wide image that everyone knows and
believes to be true.


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