ABSTRACTViolence In 2017, there was 259 thousands of violence

ABSTRACTViolence towards women as
a part of gender equality issues still create high rates of victim every year.
This happened not only one or two but in many countries. It is also becoming a
big concern of the world that make United Nations create UN Woman as an
organization that fight for women’s right and count it as one of the goals in
Sustainable Development Goals. The aim is to make sure that no one left behind
including woman. This is to make sure that equality should be existed into many
aspects not limited to politics and education side. The big purpose of this
paper is eradication to any kind of violence towards women, so there will not
happen again. Author’s aim through this paper is ensures woman’s right and
their safety to be protected. Pancasila as Indonesia’s ideology also take part
of concerning this issue by established rules in a form of articles. Because of that, this paper analyzing correlation
between Pancasila and violence towards woman as a form of gender inequality
also will give explanation about Pancasila point of view. The result also said
forty-three percent of women in the 28 European Union Member States have experienced
some form into psychological violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime (UN Women, 2017). In other side, also
estimated that of all women who were the victims of homicide globally in 2012,
almost half were killed by intimate partners or family members, compared to
less than six percent of men killed in the same year. It is proofing that violence
towards woman is really existed. This paper will analyze how worst the violence
itself and what action that government or the world will take to recover it. To
solve this issue need the high level of analyze to know the reason why someone
does violence to other people and how to stop it so gender equality in 2030 can
be reached.        PREFACECurrently, violence towards women is a common issue.
In 2017, there was 259 thousands of violence towards women in Indonesia and
personal violence still get the first rank with 255 thousand cases. The types
of personal violence are physical abuse, psychic, sexual harassment, and
economic violence (Komnas Perempuan, 2017). Based on
that fact, we can make a simple conclusion how actually the world we are living
now still lack of equality. Equality is important to anyone and that is a part
of basic human right. How the world can be balance if the society itself does
not even care about equality among them? The problem is focusing on why woman
always become the easiest victim of crime and harassment. It is true that
physically a woman lose against a man but it is not proofing that a man always
better than a woman. Look back with the history, long time ago gender equality
did not even become a part of society’s mind. They had strong society rules on
how different the position between gender. A man should be a head of family in every
aspect especially financial. A woman should stay at home, taking care of
children, and doing some dishes. Old people thought a woman does not have to be
smarted they just have to be a good wife and mother. Years also pass with the
condition of the world. Globalization has hit every country and effecting
people’s mind and culture. Recently, there are so many couples who easily get
married and divorce at the end. The question is how a woman with children can
survive if they are still stuck on old tradition. How the world can guarantee
that a woman can give the best food for their children if a mother does not be
in a father’s position? These are reasons why gender equality is important also
women should be independent and smart. They deserve the same chance with a man
on politics, economics, and social. They deserve to improve the quality of
their lives and deserve to be heard.United Nations has seen this as a clear problem especially
already works on how the violence towards women can be solved. An organization
called UN Woman is a place for the world’s representative who cares about woman
existences. UN Woman is an organization that stand and fight for every woman’s
right in every country. The gender equality is an important issue because of
the impact. Sometimes we just considering the same position or role in
education and politics as the main part of why we are talking about gender
equality. We just see at the big picture. Actually, what really happened is not
an issue that possibly shows on the television but among us. The possibility is
higher than what we can imagine. Who knows a woman that met you once until your
family that meet you every day ever or will be a victim of sexual harassment?
The reality will hurt you more than you can imagine. This is why not just
government but every person should know about the real situation and how to
deal with it. That is why United Nation through United Nations Development
Programs (UNDP) made Sustainable Development Programs (SDGs) as one of the ways
to achieve the better world in 2030. SDGs has 17 goals and gender equality is
number five. The rate of sexual harassment can be decreased if government and
society works together to make it happened.              DISCUSSIONA.   
Introduction to Gender Equality as
Sustainable Development GoalGender equality is one of the indicators that can make
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) success said Adriana Venny Aryani as commissioner of Komnas Perempuan (Wardah, 2016). She said one of
the reasons why Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) was fail simply because the
world did not count in gender equality as a serious issue. In fact, gender
equality is not just an issue that discuss equality in education and politics
aspect but also in society. The type of gender equality is varied. There are
sex harassment, child marriage, woman abuse, death mother, and so on. The rate
of death mother and her baby, child marriage and abuse, until sexual violence
toward woman are becoming the main issues that need to be solved. The survey
conducted by Demografi Kesehatan Indonesia
(DKI) resulting that in 2012 the number of death mother while giving birth is
369 per 100 thousands and the number of death baby born is 32 thousands. Child marriage is also a serious
case. Around 2000, nearly 1 in 3 women between 20 and 24 years of age reported
that they were married before 18 years of age (United Nations, 2017). Around 2015, the
ratio was just over 1 in 4. The decline is driven by an even steeper reduction
in the marriage rate among girls under 15 years of age during that period. On the basis data from 2005 to 2016 for 87 countries, 19 percent
of women between 15 and 49 years of age said they had experienced physical
and/or sexual violence by an intimate partner in the 12 months prior to the
survey. In the extreme cases, such violence can lead to death. In 2012, almost
half of all women who were victims of intentional homicide worldwide killed by
an intimate. These facts are proofing how worst society’s condition in the name
of gender equality especially violence towards women that need effective
solution. That is why United Nations put Gender Equality as one of the goals
for better world. B.     Domestic Violence towards Women in Gender EqualityThousand facts that said violence towards women in
this world still existed is undeniable. Before talking about how a woman can
contribute in politics or education aspect to a better world, they have to live
first. Human right is the only thing that a person can get without pay and they
get it since the first time of their breath called right to live. The world
already understand enough about the importance of this basic right, that is why
United Nation put it as part of Universal Declaration of Human Right (United Nations, 1948).   Data from surveys conducted between 2005 and 2015, in
52 countries (including only one country from the developed regions) indicating
that 21 percent of girls and women aged between 15 and 49 experienced physical
and/or sexual violence at the hands of an intimate partner in the previous 12
months (United Nations, 2016). It is proofing
the impact of agreement among the world still not enough to stop right
violence. Somehow, in this case right violence related to violence towards
women as the easiest object to be a victim. Unexpectedly, a family or an
intimate partner that should give the best feeling of joy and warm against the
reality and it called domestic women violence. Many women hit by psychological
realities in many aspects (Payne & Warmeling, 2009).  One of the violence towards women that have high risk
is domestic violence.  Unexpectedly, the
risk of getting problem when someone gets married is twice bigger than just
being a single. When we still living for our self means we work and survive
just for our body, but it can be a different story when it comes to family
because as a family both of parents or we may say couple should work together
to survive and against the problems that hit them. Problems in financial and
society will increase and not all people say it as an easy one. Especially,
financial issue in the family is hard to take care when your job or your income
is unbalance. Among couples who report subjectively feeling high levels of financial
strain the domestic violence rate 9.5% compared with 2.7% for couples who
report subjectively feeling low levels of financial strain (Renzetti, 2009). Financial is a sensitive issue even
when a couple is falling in love, this issue can lead to the economic stress
and violence as we say domestic violence. Yes, this is not one and only reason
but it can be a great trigger to make it happened. How an economic stress can
lead to a violence? Simply because people’s character is different and
sometimes the true character can be seen if they are in the middle of problem.
There are pressure that make them feeling recessive and not all people can deal
with that in a good way. When this happened, there are options that will come such
as work together to solve the financial problem or start to blame one or another
because of the problem. A woman can blaming the lack income from her husband
also a husband can blaming his wife with household things. They will make the
problem become worst and disclose a chance to make violence happened. This case
has bigger probability to a violence towards women because logically a man is
strong in physic. This is how domestic violence might be appear but not limited
to financial issue. C.     Pancasila
Perspective to Violence towards Women  Violence towards women is an issue that need solution
because of the harm impact toward the victim. A victim of violence happened to
a person in the middle of society and no one can guarantee their safety include
the government. Indonesia is a country with Pancasila as an ideology with five important
points inside it and two of them are kemanusiaan
yang adil dan beradab also keadilan
sosial bagi seluruh rakyat Indonesia. Unfortunately, these points has been
broke because of gender equality problem including violence towards women. The
second and fifth point of Pancasila have stated the importance of justice among
society. This justice not only exist for a gender but woman also deserve it.
This justice should make a woman have their place in the middle of society and
get the equal position toward country’s law. A violence towards women has proofs
that there is no justice and humanity at all for a woman. Justice is also has
correlation with human right, if there is no justice and equality means that
human right can not be fulfilled. In other side, Indonesia’s law centering domestic
violence as a serious issue by made constitution article 1 point 1 number 23 in
2004 about domestic violence eradication (Widyastuti, 2008). This constitution has stated the importance
of respect and the way Indonesia as a country resisting domestic violence. D.    Solution
of Violence towards women  IssueGender equality become a part of Sustainable
Development Goals is one of the campaign ways from United Nations. UN wants all
people particularly young generation to understand how worst this issue and to
build awareness. Campaign is a big deal to spread the information and fact that
violence towards women still existed and getting worst. Other way is
socialization to society especially woman to be independent. It means the old
paradigm about woman always be second should be reduced. Society should
understand how to survive with their own body also to be well-educated. Every
woman should knows that their right and pride must be protected. How to make
them safe from violence? Until now, no one can guarantee a hundred percent
about someone’s safety but as a woman, they can do any kind of prevention such
as learning basic self-defense. They may not win against a man, but at least
they can defense themselves as much as possible. In other side, we have to
think about the man’s position. They have to understand that woman and man are
equal. They have to respect each other’s right also respect each other’s pride.
For example, some men are do violence because of their anger and they need to
control that. Other case is “cat calling” phenomena that happened just because
man wants to do a joke. This is very unwise and people should savvy to not
doing that.                     CONCLUSIONGender equality is a platform to create free access to
right and opportunities not limited to gender selection. It gives a better
chance for women to get same opportunities in the world. Unfortunately, gender
equality problem is not limited to equal opportunities but also any kind of
violence towards woman such as domestic women violence, child married, rape, or
women violence as whole. Violence towards women as a form of gender equality
issue is existed everywhere with or without our knowing. This issue is harmed society
mainly woman as a victim. United Nations put it as a big concern as equality
issue. United Nations Development Programs has created Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs) to reach a better world in 2030 and count gender equality on fifth
place. UN Woman also stand to fight violence towards women and still work hard
to make it happened. Violence towards women happened with lots of reason,
among others are financial matter, characters problem, unwise paradigm, and
others that triggering to a violence until death. Back to the fact that 35 percent of women worldwide have experienced either
physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or sexual violence by a
non-partner at some point in their lives. However, some national studies show
that up to 70 percent of women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence
from an intimate partner in their lifetime. This is showing how violence
towards women can happened everywhere, in any conditions, and with whoever it
is. Pancasila also perceive this issue as a no-nonsense one. As an ideology of
the country, Indonesia wants every person in a society feels save from any
crime. Human right infringement is something that country should take care with
law. This is why Indonesia has an article that prohibit domestic violence as a
form of violence towards women. Violence towards women can be a cause of right and
justice abolished compatible with two points of Pancasila. The solution is
needed to break this issue. Campaigns and actions can spread the information
about the importance of this topic also effective law will reduce the number of



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