Abstract: in college libraries provide immediate and easy access



 Paper describes on ICT based library and
Information services on medical college libraries. The present study
demonstrates and elaborates the primary way to learn about ICTs, the purpose of
using ICT enabled library services, to assess to what extent users are utilized
ICT based library services and facilities, various aspects of Internet usage,
favorite search engines. The paper also highlights online database services and
infrastructure facilities of libraries. Information
Communication Technology is being used in medical college Library
services to cater the need of user’s requirement in modern time and values, importance of information communication technology
in college libraries provide immediate and easy access to information that lead towards the modernization
of college library services. The medical college libraries have a
crucial role to play directly in the promotion of medical education and health
care information and indirectly in various health welfare programmes.

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Information and Communication Technology; Medical College Library; Library
Automation; Networking; Library Consortia.




advent of information and communication technologies has brought many
opportunities and challenges in the provision of library and information
services in the health sector worldwide and rapid delivery of knowledge based
resources are making an impact on clinicians and researchers and health
student’s work and learn under the changing nature of medical libraries. Timely
access to accurate and relevant medical information is crucial to the
development and administration of healthcare services. With web accessible
databases, and resources, user can easily search and identify online full text
journals, books and other sources with a click of mouse the information is
immediately available on the point of need.

Information is being published every second through various applications
of information technologies in several medium. Throughout, a
number of technological advances have had great impact of society. These advances either provided a capability which was previously unknown or
provided great improvement in efficiency of an activity. For
example the invention of printing/writing technology enabled accurate recording
of knowledge. Emerging information communication
technology refers to the phenomenon of mechanization of traditional library activities such as acquisition, cataloguing,
circulation, serial control, Online Public Access Catalogues (OPAC) etc. Information communication technologies provide
wide range of tool and services for the development and modernization of
libraries in context of, technical processes, procuring, storage, retrieval and dissemination of knowledge or information.


Advent of Information Communication Technology:


and technological change processes that have accelerated in tandem over the
past years have created a new global economy “Powered by technology,
fueled by information and driven by knowledge”. Information and
communication technology (ICT) has revolutionized every walk of human society.
Large scale computerization, invention of the internet and influx of World Wide
Web has made extensive and fast dissemination of information and turned the
world into a global village.

In this global village people living in any part of the world can
communicate with each other in such a way as if they were
living next door. People use different communication technologies like instant messaging, chatting, video conferencing, voice over IP etc.
Social networking websites like Face book, blogs,
twitter, allow users from all over the world to remain in contact and
communicate on a regular basis.

libraries have a long history, starting with the chained and closed-access
libraries of earlier times to the present-day hybrid, digital, and virtual
libraries that use the latest technology for provision of information through
various services. Today, these libraries are surrounded by networked data that
is connected to vast ocean of the internet-based services to make desired
information sources accessible to the academic community–students and the
faculty alike. The electronic resources (e-resources) available in a library
play a prominent role in facilitating access to required information to the
users in an easy and expeditious manner. The e-resources, like CD-ROM
databases, online journals, online books, OPACs, and the internet, are slowly
replacing the importance and usage of print media. It is imperative that one
should be familiar with the use and exploitation of e-resources for their quick
and effective usage for promotion of academic excellence and research. This
important fact is convincing many libraries to move towards digital
e-resources, which are found to be less expensive and more useful for easy
access. There are several information
technologies for various housekeeping, management and administrative functions of the library, different
electronic and digital media, and computer aided electronic equipment’s, networks and internet has provided
significant role in retrieval and dissemination of information and playing a vital role for modernization of



Applications of ICT on Library


The libraries
have to use various types of electronic equipment and communication
technologies to ensure the smoothness of library activities. The prime
objectives of the library is pooling information resources and information
related infrastructure and sharing them. In this process, many medical
libraries have re-examined their traditional methods and services to overcome
inadequacies through automation and computerization. The services provided from the libraries can be grouped in to the following broad groups.



The important ICT library service’s application is Library Automation.
Library Automation is the basic need for modernization of any library. It is
usually distinguished from related fields such as information
retrieval, automatic indexing and abstracting, automatic textual analysis. However, nowadays clear distinction is not maintained
and library automation may sometimes include related
fields as well. To modernize the library services advanced hardware and
software are required. In the simple language “When we use
machineries for collection, processing, storage and retrieval of information
and do an other works of library with the help of machineries that called
library automation.”


Computerization is the part of library automation. At present use of the
computer technology for library house keeping operations such as administrative
work, acquisition, cataloguing, circulation, serial control, OPAC etc. known as
library computerization.

is one of the most important components which should be taken notice of, while
automation. Today, a number of application software are available in the market
manufactured by different companies of India and abroad with distinct feature.


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