Abstract- design. As you know that this is the

Abstract- “This paper carries three primary elements .in this paper, we will cover the all components of Software Design and as well as software verification and validation technique not only these methods additionally i am right here to describe the primary and basic techniques which is necessary for software design. As you know that this is the best and much important part of any system because when you design software the most important task is to set up with a design which can fulfill the all requirnments of software engineering. As you know that in requirnments engineering as you all realize that validation and verification manner is the primary aspect of requirement engineering technique.  Right here I’m going to describe the all strategies of validation and verification technique which can be getting used to check or look at the all software approach in industry or marketplace vicinity. Many conceptual, logical and mathematical methods attribute are involved in this paper that are responsible and also the main ingredients of given a good result in market place. As you know the most basic thing is to gather all requirnments that are usually used to develop software and these requirnments are much necessary. The main purpose of this paper is to discover all those aspects that may have great impact on customer satisfaction attributes as well as we have investigate many techniques and methods of verification and validation that can prove useful in software testing field. To fulfill this plan I have compare traditional verification and validation scheme in this paper and also describe in detail that which type of method we have maintain all attributes as well as all other things we have to adopt in software testing, verification and validation phases In this paper I also stated all other important factors like why software testing?, software testing process, testing principles data validation, data verification, verification models and types of different types of  model in much more detail as well as in this paper we insure that how to attain the best software quality by using these verification and validation methods. In this paper we make focus on all weak points and strong points of software verification, validation and testing phase and also I have highlighted some important kinds of tools that defiantly will prove very useful in further examining the software. I am telling about different models of verification and validation. There are different models like product model, development model and verification and validation model. We will relate the verification or validation model to all others models that are used in SDLC and others requirnments models” Keywords- testing; validation; verification; traditional tools; methodological tools, validation process, artificial system, software quality, verification through the life cycle, verification objectives, validation objectives, and testing objectives, SDLC(system development life cycle), SQA(software quality assurance).s UML ( unified modeling language) These are the basic attributes or keywords which are necessary for writing a research paper.I. Introduction  As we know that when a customer gives order to a well-organized and manageable company to make a specific software project than it become the responsibility of your company to develop the software in much reasonable way so that a company should prepare a well manage software for their customers. And a company can only satisfied the customers in such a way if and only if we develop an object oriented framework for them. It is much important to check the requirnments of a company or a customer who is ordering the software. We should write down the actual requirnments of a customer it is the main responsibility of our team or company to hire a special team for that purposes who gathers the basic requirnments. We gather these requirnments by discussing the customer and by hiring the meeting these meeting should n


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