About Nelson Mandela -Born July 18

About Nelson Mandela
-Born July 18,1918 in Mvezo,Transkei
-1939 Mandela enrolled in the University College of Fort Hare which was a place of higher education for a black man in South America
-He left on his 2nd year because of the inequality in the school
-1942 He joined the (ANC)African Congress Youth League and led peaceful and nonviolent acts against the government because of its racist policies.

-Arrested in 1961 and sentenced to 5 years due to a worker strike he inflicted
-He was given a life sentence for being apart of the ANC
-Elected president 1991

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Modern Day
Mandela’s main message was to peacefully except one another despite your race or other differences

Led the ANC in a peaceful protest against the South African government
He was caring and peaceful after 30 years on being imprisoned
Supported minorities throughout the world,even in his later years
He devoted his life to the people
He challenged people in high places to make better choices


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