a. What is Bitcoin mining? What does Bitcoin hash rate mean and how is it measured?
Bitcoin mining is a procedure in which any transaction information is verified and validated within the Bitcoin network and stored on the blockchain.
Bitcoin hash rate is the measurement used to calculate the intensity or amount of computer power the bitcoin system is needing to operate. Moreover, finding the bitcoin hash rate is done by finding how long it takes for a block to be mined and added to the blockchain in the average timeframe of ten minutes.

b. Describe and compare the main Bitcoin mining hardware types: GPU, FPGA, and ASIC.
ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) was specifically designed with the purpose of mining Bitcoins. They are extremely fast and consume relatively low power compared to GPU and FPGA.

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FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) was designed for customizing the chips after building. In comparison to its peers it was more efficient than the earlier GPU but not as good as the ASIC.
GPU (Graphic Processing unit) was designed for the purpose to render images.
GPUs were one of the earlier bitcoin mining hardware and were used extensively because of their ability to perform mathematical computation that is used to mine bitcoins.

c. What are the minimum system requirements for Bitcoin mining? How important are CPU and RAM for Bitcoin mining? What are the major costs of Bitcoin mining?
The minimum requirements are at least 145GB Disk space available as well as 1GB of memory and chipset of 1GHZ and greater. Also, the operating system of the computer should be windows 7 and above or Mac OS X or Linux.’

The CPU and RAM are not too important for bitcoin mining. Having a powerful CPU is not important because if the operating system can be run no extra performance power is needed. Likewise, a big memory is not needed as mining is not RAM intensive.

The major costs of investing in bitcoins is that the value of bitcoins is extremely volatile and therefore they can rapidly increase and decrease in value. There is also some instability regarding protection in which someone may accept your bitcoins but not give back the right value. Also,, there is no way to reverse a bitcoin transaction. Furthermore, the cost of electricity expended to mine bitcoin using high power technology is very consuming.

d. What is a Bitcoin mining pool? What are the pros can con of joining a pool?

a mining pool is when a group of people share their earnings equally among the mining pool, relative to the amount of workload they have done and contributed to the group.

The Pros and Cons of joining a bitcoin mining pool is that you have to share equally with the group of all the earning you have made, however, if your pool is very good at mining bitcoins and lucky you may earn a lot more than working solo.


A. Develop an applicable standards and procedures section that includes four elements of acceptable or unacceptable behavior found in a code of ethics.

Acceptable Standards

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Accountability­: Everyone in the organization should be held accountable for their behavior and their actions. This Behavior will help maintain an ethical standard as dictated by the code of conduct

Individuality: Anyone hired by the organization will respect each employee’s cultural and Racial differences. Mutual respect is mandatory to help create a peaceful and professional environment. There’s nothing wrong with disagreements but they must be handled with the utmost respect from one employee to the next

Integrity:­ Integrity is at the core of what we do. Being consistent is key To upholding the company’s values. For these reasons we should always act with integrity and credibility Because what we say and do is a reflection of ourselves in the company we represent

Transparency­: Knowledge is power and we encourage all employees to feel free with voicing their opinions or asking questions to upper management. Having this type of free-flowing dialogue will ensure that your feedback is heard and actions are taken to make this a productive and pleasant work environment

B. Develop a section that identifies at least three specific elements for an ethics training program.

Ethics Training Program

Departmental Training­

Ethics training is mandatory for each department company wide. This will ensure the awareness of standards and procedures relating to decision-making in the topic of ethics. These trainings will be held quarterly and led by a superior or an employee appointed by management. These training should focus on topics relating to ethical standards understanding of the policy and the resources that are available

Annual Company Wide Training­

Manual training is required annually for all employees and individuals holding certifications. Bonuses will be affected upon the completion of these trainings and participation

Managerial Training

Certification is mandatory for anyone in management positions. the certification will demonstrate knowledge and understanding about the topics discussed. these actions should help align management with the program’s involved and any ongoing changes that are required.

C. Develop a section that explains the processes for each of the following:

Monitoring employee misconduct
Reporting employee misconduct

Employee contact will be Reviewed and analyzed in the multitude of ways. Including but not limited to Quarterly and annual Feedback reviews, performance assessments and every day interaction with employees. Constant communication and interaction Should help catch any problems with the process before the rise.The annual and quarterly feedback reviews should help employees provide much-needed feedback and identify any problems that may arise within the teams. The feedback reviews will also help employees engage dialogue with human resources If the opportunity Would ever need to presents itself. Performance assessments will be The tool used to monitor professional growth, correct behavior/ethical issues and Navigate employees to align with corporate values. There will be a tiered structure from the executives down that will work on identifying problems in their Department, this will be done through public Or Anonymous feedback from the employees.Executives and management with the help of the human resources department will assist with identifying ethical situations that can conflict with corporate standards. Executive and management will be giving anonymous visibility into employee feedback about the work environment through the options available.

Reporting Employee Misconduct

There will be access available to the corporate resources such as a toll free number and a website that will be available on the Intranet and public web To give employees the opportunity to report violations/misconduct of the ethical policy. The management team will be given access to the records of Phone, email And instant messaging communication to monitor and Report misconduct

D. Develop a section that explains your plan to do the following:

1. Evaluate the effectiveness of the ethics program after implementation.
2. Provide suggestions to improve the ethics program after implementation.

The program will go through a review that will happen annually from a third party. this review will measure how effective the program is year-over-year compared to the industry average. the information found by the third party will be used to make the program better and display opportunities we could be using to build a better unit of measurement over the life of the program.After implementation, we can tie in the Ethics program to bonus pay. those individuals living the policy standards Could see as much as a 7% pay increase in the form of a yearly bonus. There will also be ongoing feedback that will happen Every 6 months with the goal of improving the current plan. Any and all feedback is always welcome to help adjust key aspects of the program


a) History of E-commerce

E-Commerce can be define as the process of buying and selling goods, or services on the internet.
From mobile shopping to online payment, e-commerce encloses a vast amount of data, algorithm, and tools for online buyers and online sellers.
Most of the companies with an online presence use an ecommerce store and/or an ecommerce platform to handle marketing and sales activities and also to command logistics and fulfillment.
Types of Ecommerce
There are six main e-commerce models in which we can classify businesses:
1. B2C.
2. B2B.
3. C2C.
4. C2B.
5. B2A.
6. C2A.

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1. Business-to-Consumer (B2C).
B2C ecommerce is defined as all the transactions that are made between a business and a consumer. This model is one of the most famous model use in e-commerce. When a shopper buys a TV from an online TV retailer, this transaction is considered as a B2B transaction.
2. Business-to-Business (B2B).
B2B ecommerce is defined as all the sales made between a company, and another company, like a supplier and a retailer for example.This e-commerce model cannot be seen by the consumer since it only happens between business entities.
3. Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C).
One of the first e-commerce model existing is the C2C ecommerce business model.
C2C describes the sale of products and/or services between an individual, and another individual. EBay and Amazon, for example are the 2 most famous C2C ecommerce website. In Singapore, Carousel is also very used for C2C transactions.
4. Consumer-to-Business (C2B).
C2B overturns the traditional e-commerce model. This is a model which is for example often see in Crowdfunding projects.
5. Business-to-Administration (B2A).
This e-commerce business model gather the transactions made between online businesses and administrations. It is not the most used model, but still important to be aware of it.
6. Consumer-to-Administration (C2A).
Same model here, but with the reverse method, which mean that consumers sells products or services online, to an administration.
? B2A and C2A are meant to increase the government efficiency via the support of digital technology.


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