A variety of plants and animals that live and grow in water bodies like lakes

A variety of plants and animals that live and grow in water bodies like lakes, rivers etcetera. Aquatic biodiversity contains crayfish to catfish, mussels to mayflies, tadpoles to trout. It is very interesting to know that many aquatic species of animals cannot survive without water and use to spend all their lives underwater. Hence, they can not imagine their lives without water and water is life for these kind of animals like fish. There are some aquatic creatures that spend their entire lives in the deep ocean, some other aquatic animals like water striders are living along the surface of water. Many species of plants also grow in water like various colorful flowers, foliage, water poppy etcetera. So, we can imagine that water is very important to maintain the aquatic biodiversity. Aquatic animals and plants receive their food, shelter, and space essential for survival from aquatic habitats.
It is very important to maintain the aquatic biodiversity, because it is not only the richness of species. Aquatic biodiversity is also the genetic variety and the multiple habitats as well as ecosystems of these aquatic animals and plants. This aquatic biodiversity is very unique because it contains a tiny bacterium to a blue whale and genetic composition of plants and animals of plants and animals makes all life forms special. Sustaining aquatic biodiversity is very necessary for our environment as for the good quality of human life. Actually, we directly or indirectly use to take help of many aquatic plants and animals to survive and their ecological functions are also very important for the welfare of environment and humans. But, aquatic biodiversity is declining day by day due to human activities. Here, I would like to identify factors increasing threats to aquatic biodiversity.

Advanced Water Infrastructure
The advanced water infrastructure contains the construction of dams, storage tanks, pipes, drinking-water facilities, surface-water intakes and adqueducts

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