A school…” (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Getting a bachelor’s

A Pediatrician is
a children’s doctor who treats newborns, young children, teenagers, and young
adults to the age of twenty-one. They treat sick patients and help improve diets
as well. Pediatricians are also able to educate the patient on what is wrong
and how they can fix it by creating a daily routine to follow. Believing in the
doctor helps the healing process go quicker. Being a Pediatrician is an
exceptional career path due to its various duties and tasks, challenging
education and training, monumental salary and benefits, and positive employment


Duties and tasks
describe what the person does while working. They differ from job-to-job.
“Physicians and Surgeons diagnose and treat injuries or illnesses…” (Bureau of
Labor Statistics). The doctors create a treatment plan for the patient to
follow from day-to-day to have a quicker recovery. “They counsel patients on
diet, hygiene, and preventative healthcare…” (Bureau of Labor Statistics). When
counseling a patient, the doctor has to create a diet the patient can follow to
get to the right place they need to be. Being a Pediatrician has many
challenges and obstacles to face every day.

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Many jobs require
some type of education and training to obtain the job. There are multiple
levels of education and training all different within the specific job.
“Physicians typically need a bachelor’s degree, a degree from a medical
school…” (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Getting a bachelor’s degree in an area
of expertise takes some time to complete. In most colleges, getting a
bachelor’s degree takes approximately four years to complete. “Primary care
Pediatricians complete three years of education in an accredited pediatric
residency program…” (What is a Pediatrician?). Completing a residency program is
the key to learning what Pediatrician’s do. It is important to know how much
education is necessary before going into a career field.


Having a job in the
medical field is an amazing idea because of the high demand. Many jobs do not
have a high salary or little to no benefits. “In May 2016, the median annual
wage for all workers was $37,040.” (Bureau of Labor Statistics). The yearly
wage for any job changes with the experience and level of education the person
has. . “Four weeks paid vacation a year, Institution-paid health, dental and
vision insurance for residents and eligible dependents, Long-term disability
and life insurance for residents, Professional liability insurance, DEA
licensure fee exemption, and Educational stipend of $750 a year.” (Salary and
Benefits). The pay is not the important part of a job. The important part of a
job is the benefits being received with the salary.


Looking for the number
of jobs growing in America is important when choosing the right job. There are
multiple jobs in the world who have a negative Employment Outlook due to the
demand of the job. “Job Outlook, 2016-26: 15% (much faster than average)”
(Bureau of Labor Statistics). The Outlook for a Pediatrician is high, but there
are other jobs with a higher percentage. There is a high for Pediatricians due
to the number of children being born and the fact they could possibly be sick.


A Pediatrician’s
job is important because of the multiple roles they play. They must help
babies, children, teenagers, and young adults until they reach the age of
twenty-one. It is difficult somedays when there is a child whom has a rare
disease and needs a certain type of treatment plan. Being a Pediatrician is an
exceptional career path to take due to what they do from day-to-day, how much
education and training is necessary, what the salary and benefits are, and the
positive employment outlook. Becoming a Pediatrician can help others in the
community because of the variety of doctors in the area so one doctor is not
overwhelmed with sick patients in need of medical assistance.



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