A practical experiences in different financial institutions boosted my

A firm academic background in business
administration and relevant practical experiences in different financial
institutions boosted my fundamental interest in global trade operations,
propagation and significance of complicacy, necessity of efficient
communication, especially while dealing beyond. Growing trade and affiliated
factors presages the prospect of this sector. With an impetuous passion and
enthusiasm, I, Somaya Hasan Eshan, would like to offer my motivation as a
potential aspirant for the Master’s Degree Program in International Business
and Sales Management at University of Eastern Finland (UEF) for the academic
year of 2018, which I believe, will be conducive for my contemporary career

Having a progressive success in both
secondary and higher secondary levels, I got myself admitted into Bachelor of
Business Administration (BBA) program in one of the leading universities of
Bangladesh, East West University, which has a legacy for its records on academic
excellence. Concentration in Finance and a minor in Marketing installed in me a
strong background and realization of the vast international business,
understanding the customer, creating value for all; people and organizations,
small and medium-sized enterprises, and overall how to balance among
nature, businesses and local people.

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To leverage my attained academic knowledge
into a greater height, I decided to enroll myself into an internship program in
IDLC (Industrial Development Leasing Company), a renowned non-banking financial
institute (NBFI) of Bangladesh, for three months, and submitted my internship
report on Deposit Schemes Analysis of
IDLC Finance Limited: a Comparative Analysis where my practical experiences are
inscribed. The report was a detailed analysis of comparative deposit offerings
of all the non-banking financial institutions of Bangladesh and funding mix
strategy of IDLC Finance Limited.

As a consequence of my promising academic
record and extra-curricular activities, I was recruited by a prominent private
bank of Bangladesh, BRAC Bank Limited, in the Trade Operations Department in
the year of 2015, which had a lasting impact on me and my career thereafter
where I have garnered a range of experiences about movement of goods, payment
mechanism, prerequisites of issuing LC’s, functions of credit report, preparing
SWIFT message, central bank reporting, offshore banking, Import Policy Order
(IPO), central bank regulations &foreign exchange guideline etc. I was also
introduced to the most sensitive sector of international business: anti-money
laundering and combating terrorist finance. While building my career in the
banking sector, I realized that my bachelor’s degree provided me with only a rudimentary
view of my area of interest. Therefore I have decided to pursue my higher study
in International Business & Sales Management to develop a firm
understanding of the complex international organizational settings and identify
the driving force involved in global trade and mechanism towards establishing
strong sustainable global business.

To the core of my heart, I do believe that,
to grow into one’s own potential one should be quite aware of adding more
things to life beyond academic curriculum. As a consequence, in 2011, I joined
Youth Engagement &Support (YES), a youth based wing of Transparency
International Bangladesh (TIB) and have participated in a number of national
level programs which helped me to robust a sense of responsibility, team work,
management skill and capabilities of dealing with life in extreme situations.

I, as the Group Leader there for
approximately two years, led a team of 30 members, where we organized several
programs together. We arranged Advise & Information Desk (AI-Desk) program
on behalf of YES-EWU at Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH), the largest
govt. medical college in Bangladesh. In SONAK & YES National Convention,
2012 of TIB I worked as an organizer in the Venue, IT & Logistics Dept. I
also worked as the Publication Officer in EWU Debate Spree, 2012. I was
introduced to various global issues while attending a range of seminars &
workshops, like Gender Equity & Women’s Right, Annual Review & Capacity
Building Camp, Orientation on Climate Change, Effective Communication &

My active involvement with East West
University Debating Club (EWUDC) played a pivotal role in shaping a sense of
LOGOS (i.e., logical argument & judgment) in me. In 2012, my team became
the champion of Intra-University Debate League (IDL). I was the 1st
runner-up in public speaking competition of Freedom Premium League (FPL).

Globally trade banking is expanding
remarkably which will enhance the demand for the experts in upcoming years. A
yearn for enrolling myself in this program was initiated from my first hand
experience in this area which will allow me to pursue a prospective career in
the upcoming years. A firm specialization in this field will help me to
identify the actors and factors of world economic changes and challenges.
Currently I am working as a trade banker and I am highly motivated to become an
active professional in this sector.

By dint of technology, lots of opportunities
are being created and the pattern of global trade management is expecting to
experience a revolutionary change. If we look at the top-notch companies of the
world, we will see that they are having an innovative sales management
mechanism specially while dealing as a multi-national organization. They create
their own business boundary in which their competitor has limited access to
compete. I think finding out these strategies of those companies will be an
interesting topic for my master’s thesis.

My decision of pursuing a master’s degree in
International business and sales Management at University of Eastern Finland
(UEF) is not only an effort towards my career advancement and earning an
expedited education related to this field, but also a vital scope of gaining
insights from my fellow experienced peers. An eminent institution like
University of Eastern Finland (UEF) with its entire qualified faculty, high
quality academic research facility, an interaction among relevant fields and
world class learning opportunity would give me the necessary traction to pursue
my next endeavors.

Noting that, this formidable program looks
for highly motivated & the most competent students, I firmly believe that,
my dedication and proficiency will be the pennon for my selection in this
program in your esteemed institution.

Thank you for considering my candidacy. I
will eagerly look forward to your acknowledgement.


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