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A French degree strongly appeals to me as I aspire to acquire the highest level of ability inthe French language as well as to being able to comprehend and appreciate this captivatingnation better; its culture, history and customs. The cause driving my fervour to study theFrench language, above all others, is the French language strikes me as the most exquisitelanguage, in both intonation and expression.From a very early age, the seeds of interest in languages were planted. Being of ethnicminority heritage meant different languages were spoken in the household, and the thought ofbeing able to broaden my horizons and speak other languages, notably French, with the samefluency in which I speak both English and Somali, drove me to begin studying French seriously,outside of school hours. A plethora of hours were spent researching vocabulary I’d come acrosswhile reading a French news articles, completing grammar exercises and exploring the Frenchlanguage.I possess a burning desire to improve myself in all aspects of French. I regularly watchFrench news online, with my personal preference being France24, and read French newspaperoutlets such as Le Monde in order to advance both my listening/comprehension of the languageand reading capacity. As an ardent Politics a-level student, I endeavour to read bothpolitically left and right news outlets, such as Liberation and Le Figaro. Additionally, Ienjoy the ‘Francais Facile’ podcast produced by French broadcaster RFI which presents the newsin simple French, which enhances my French listening and keeps me updated with French currentaffairs. In my spare time, I attempt to watch French films, as it serves to amplify myunderstanding of French culture, traditions and history whilst also augmenting my listeningability. Although I was first introduced to French films early into my secondary school life,with films such as ‘Intouchables’, it was only after I studied the French classic ‘La Haine’in class that my interest in French films grew, so much so I tended to opt to watch Frenchmovies instead of English movies in my free time. In my extra time, I enjoy watching Frenchmovies and would savour the opportunity to ponder them further. My most admired Frenchperformer is Omar Sy as he generally makes the characters extremely credible, while conveyinghis own particular appeal to the part. In this manner, similar to “La Haine” in class, I optedto study “Indochine” independently as it additionally investigates French colonial rule in the1930s in the formerly named Indochina, partly due to my interest in modern history that led meto study the subject at A-Level.The importance of modern languages continues to increase at neck-break speed due toglobalisation, the need for nation states and business firms or companies to be able tocommunicate, trade and negotiate with their counterparts abroad is greater than ever before. Iaspire to have a role in international affairs. I would like to be involved with the processof foreign policy and organisations such as the UN so that I can contribute to promotingsecurity and development, internationally. A step in foreign affairs would represent anopportunity to make a tangible difference in this world and improve security and development,internationally. As globalisation continues to expand,the need for coherent and cohesiverelations between nations on the international stage is greater than ever before. Diplomacy isthe principal method for intervening in and resolving conflict and thus it represents acrucial pillar in today’s world.


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