A. correctly matches with the pre-set keyword, the server

A. System Model:




We consider a cloud
information framework comprising of information owner, information client and
cloud server. Given a collection of n encrypted data files C = (F1, F2,…, FN)
stored in the cloud server, a predefined set of distinct keywords W = {w1, w2,
…, wp}, the cloud server makes available the search service for the
authorized users over the encrypted data C. Also the authorization between the
data owner and users should be appropriately done. An authorized user writes in
a demand to specifically recover information records of his/her advantage. The
cloud server is responsible for mapping the searching request to a set of data
files, where each file is indexed by a file ID and linked to a set of keywords.
The fuzzy keyword search scheme returns the search results according to the
following rules: 1) if the user provided input correctly matches with the
pre-set keyword, the server returns the files containing those keywords; 2) if
there exist typos and/or format variations in the searching input, the server
will return the closest possible results based on pre-specified similarity
semantics. The Fig. 1 shows an architecture of fuzzy keyword search.

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Threat Model


We consider a
semi-trusted server. Even though data files are encrypted, the cloud server may
try to derive other sensitive information from users’ search requests while
performing keyword-based search over C. Thus, the search should be conducted in
a secure manner that allows data files to be securely retrieved while revealing
as little information as possible to the cloud server. More specifically, it is
required that nothing ought to be spilled from the remotely stored files and
index beyond the result and the pattern of search queries.


Design Goals


In this paper, we
address the issue of supporting productive yet privacy-preserving fuzzy keyword
search services over encrypted cloud information. Mainly, we have the following
goals: i) to discover new mechanism for constructing storage proficient fuzzy
keyword sets; ii) to design efficient and effective fuzzy search scheme based
on the constructed fuzzy keyword sets; iii) to approve the security of the
proposed scheme.


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