T. SRINIVASA RAO                                                                                                         

Department of
Automobile Engineering

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I wish to put on record my impression
about Mr Arakatla Adarsh whom I have known for the 4 years he was in Automobile
Engineering stream having secured a good percentage in his 12th
boards. He has continued to maintain the high level of academic attainment, based
on his performance thus far. For his undergrad study I have taught him subjects
“Thermodynamics” “Applied
Thermodynamics” and “Automotive Engines Lab”.

Mr Arakatla Adarsh is a diligent student with a high
degree of motivation. His ability to organize his time efficiently and his
meticulous preparation will be an asset to the research team. He has excellent
problem-solving skills. I have found him to be a student with high intellect
and profound analytical thinking. His self-confidence and optimistic approach
to solve even the most difficult problems are worth mentioning. His ideas on
Future transportation systems and Recycling waste energy have earned him
laurels from across the state.

His systematic and focused approach has
always earned him a good academic performance. His ability to visualize and
link between the fundamentals of each subject makes him an ideal student for
research. The most striking aspect of his personality is his proper planning
and positive attitude with which he approaches the assigned task. He has the
ability to complete assigned tasks only with very less guidance which portraits
him as more intellectuality. He is equipped with right level of self-confidence
and maturity. He is a highly motivated student, keen on his career advancement.
In addition, his pleasing manners, friendly attitude and communication skills
make him a good team member.


He has been a strong and a reliable
link between the teachers and his peers. He has led many programmes and events for
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
during his course of study. He is immensely self-motivated and confident and
has shown good promise at every opportunity. His communication skills are
excellent and he is flexible in approach, retaining his positive outlook under
all circumstances.

I feel that graduate study in an
institution of your repute should go a long way in giving expression to his
true potential. I recommend him for admission with adequate financial
assistance to your university. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.


(T. Srinivasa Rao)


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