?Life Course Cues: life course cues are important triggers for appraising lack of conception as a fertility problem and for seeking help. The cues include age, parity, and marriage, which is directly related as a trigger for normative childbearing
?Individual And Social Cues: Individual cues for perceiving and seeking help for fertility problems include the importance of motherhood as a life goal and religiosity. Help- seeking theories suggest that social cues should be an important determinant of perceiving a problem and seeking treatment. In the case of infertility, the most important of these social cues is likely to be partner’s desires.
?Enabling and Pre-Disposing Factors: Carpentier ; White, 2000, shows that social network support predicts help-seeking, hence expressive social support is included as a general enabling factor. The factors that generally predispose one to treatment seeking will be taken as measures of education, general health, internal health locus of control, and ethical concerns about artificial reproductive technologies (ART).


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