Smartphones are
everywhere, from the West to the East. Smartphones have become available where
ever you are, even in grocery stores. They allow anyone of us to be productive
on the go, communicate with our friends and family, and share our memories as
we create them. However, the social change was much greater than the technology
behind the smartphone itself. As technology becomes more advanced, more and
more people view smartphones as something that they must have in their hands
all the time. The overuse of smartphones has become an addiction, especially
with teenagers. They waste a lot of time because it pulls the user’s attention
away from what needs to be done. The way that smartphones causes problems for
teens is that because they are spending so much time on them rather than
spending it with their parents or even their friends. It is interfering with
the face-to-face relations. They even feel as if they cannot live without their
smartphones and any access to the internet. Smartphones can affect the teen’s
education in schools. Many teens do not know how express their feelings except
through social media publicly.


            Jean M. Twenge’s
article “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?” described how behavioral
changes from one generation to the next occurred gradually, and how the
behavior of today’s teenagers differs from that of the millennial generation.

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She also mentioned why today’s teens are physically safer than previous
generations, and why smartphones may have something to do with a recent spike
in teen depression and suicide rates. 


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