(W. S. Jung, M. J. Lee, M. G. Kang, H. G. Moon, S. J. Yoon, S. H. Baek and Ch. Y. Kang, 174–181) .Average Output voltage of 14 V AC of and a average current of 18 mA AC can be gotten by incorporating the structure into a shoe-insole. The piezoelectric transducer in shoe can be intended to create vitality for controlling pedometer. For instance Ishida 2013 built up a shoe insole pedometer that comprises of a piezoelectric power generator and a 2 V natural pedometer circuit (K. Ishida, T. Ch. Huang, K. Honda, Y. Shinozuka, H. Fuketa, T. Yokota, U. Zschieschang, H. Klauk, G. Tortissier, T. Sekitani, H. Toshiyoshi, M. Takamiya, T. Someya, and T. Sakurai, 2013) . PVDF ?lm was utilized as a piezoelectric power generator and it was cut into little pieces and rolled to increase the surface , since generated current of the power generator is proportional to its surface area . Most prominently, one of the PVDF rolls was utilized as a pulse generator to identify step count . In this study, additionally recommended that the recti?ers ought to be appropriated taken after each PVDF those are in parallel to enhance the ef?ciency of the power generator .
Cantilever type
Comparing other energy types , cantilever bar is straightforward and perfect. They are compatible with MEMS producing forms, which is about by studied numerous scientists. At the point when the force contact on beams the beam can come back to its initial shape and the inertia will reasoned to the beam make vibration around the underlying area . ( Y. M. Zheng, X. Wu, M. Parmar, and D. W. Lee, 2014).
Johnson exhibited that unimorph cantilever shaft con?guration can create high power though there is lower excitation frequencies and load protections (T. J. Johnson, D. Charnegie, W. W. Clark, M. Buric and G. Kusic, 2006).Besides,Ng was designed an enhanced bimorph structures including series and parallel types. (T. H. Ng and W. H. Liao, 2004) (T. H. Ng and W. H. Liao, 2005).Moro (2010) develop a piezo electrical material, PZT was mounted inside the shoe heel utilizing a convectional clamp clip without loss of solace in shoe outline ( L. Moro and D. Benasciutti, 2010) , They likewise built up a preparatory investigation and con?rmed that shoe-mounted scavenger has the ability of giving suf?cient


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