Transcendental Meditation
is a complete standardized meditation technique. For becoming a proficient
practitioner, one learns a precise way to meditate from a highly trained
instructor who can teach the proper technique in an accurate way.

Lifetime benefits

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It includes personal one on one

Ongoing support and follow up

Meditation is
for anyone and everyone. If you feel like your mind is always active and your
body is uneasy to sit, then you actually an ideal candidate for this
meditation. You don’t need to be calm or stop thinking, try to sit still for
that matter. Vedic meditation effortlessly settles the mind and body in the most
natural and instant way.

Personal and
standardized instruction ensures that the practice is well established in the
new meditator so that people enjoy its effortless and easy nature. The estimated
cost of instruction is $960 for adults. For full-time college students the cost
is $480, and for students in high school and under its $360. 


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