With an idea to get maximum results from the integrated ITIL software, there is need to use the comprehensive tools and techniques that supports the effective implementation that will enhance the delivery of the service. However, it is found that 6 out of 160 possible rending organizations implemented ITIL  software tool which reflects poor performance of ITIL implementation. On ther other hand, the score of successful ITIL implementation in Nordic countries is merely 3.2 which is just above the average score. However, it is found that the ITIL tools are still immature which is required to improve to incrasea the score (Brooks, 2006).

The implement of the ITIL services is reduced because of the low quality but unfortunately this factor is not giving the required concern to imnprove the quality of the software.

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Moreover, from the research it is shown that organization agree with the positive response towards the quality. However, the satisfaction of the staff is lowest which is quite considerable. 


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