2.2 of some of our excess emissions. In this

2.2 What are the effects of Global Warming

Global warming has impact on mankind, plants and animals in
many different ways. In addition it also rising ocean levels, making drought
and changing weather patterns.

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Worldwide  warming  can affect human health in two ways: first, by
changing the severity or frequency of health problems; and second, by
creating the unprecedented health problems or unforeseen health or threats in
places that never happened. When the temperature becomes warmer, it could
affect the health of humans and diseases to which they are exposed. With
the increase in rainfall, the water-borne illness causes, including malaria, is
likely to spread. The Earth will become warmer and as a result of heat
waves have killed thousands of people, when they live in areas where the
climate change. Events such as cyclones, floods and storms
is expected to increase as a result of global warming, with a corresponding
increase in injuries related to storms, disease, emotional trauma and death
. Reporting Research Program of the US Global Change noted that in the
2005 season storm killed more than 2,000 people, more than double the average
of the 65 seasonal years. After the event of severe weather, people with
carbon monoxide poisoning due to the use of mobile generators at
hurricane. In addition, the evacuation of intestinal illness, depression
and post-traumatic stress disorder (“Global
Climate Change Impacts in the United States”; U.S. Global Change Research
Program; 2009)


 According to  Aisha Abdelhamid , global warming risk losing food safety and
the collapse of the food systems related to warming, drought, floods, and
precipitation changes and extreme, especially for the poorer classes  in
the urban environment and the countryside. “Even gradual warming can have dramatic impacts on
ecosystems. By crossing important thresholds, such as when freezing or thawing
occur, small shifts in climate can transform the way plants, animals, and
landforms interact”( Contribution of
Working Group II to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel
on Climate Change, 2007IMPACTS
OF GLOBAL WARMING ON THE ENVIRONMENT).On Earth, ocean ecosystems are under pressure as a result
of climate change. The oceans are becoming more acidic, due in large part
to their absorption of some of our excess emissions. In this
acidification, accelerated as it poses a serious threat to the life beneath the
water. Climate change impact on economic growth, create new poverty trap for
many people, especially in urban areas and regions experiencing food
insecurity. Increasing economic and social inequality, in both developed
and developing countries are impacting the urban and rural areas. Salaries
for people in low-income households are facing increasing risks due to food
price increase as food insecurity increased (Aisha Abdelhamid).


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