2.1 stimulate there mined this would be a full

2.1 Learning disability is when a person has difficulties
with speech or language or has a developmental disorder which causes the
persons cognition to be wired differently some time it can be down to other
medical problems i.e. epilepsy as when a person has a seizure they could forget
how to do a certain task.  

2.2 Learning disabilities can be caused by lack of support
early in life it could also be down to other medical problems i.e. autism,
stroke, epilepsy    

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2.3 Medical disabilities such as autism, downs syndrome
affect how the brain functions. Whereas social disabilities some people assume
all disabled people are in wheelchair’s as they lack the understanding of
mental health issues that causes people to think differently because from an
autistic brain is wired differently and struggle with some of the most basic
tasks i.e. washing and dressing, social interaction, repetitive routines that
would struggle in the out-side world with out support as some autistic people
would not know how to care for themselves without support.      


2.5 The possible impact that it would have on a family
having a member with a learning disability could be quite difficult as the
person with the learning disability would possibly need 24-hour care and
support i.e. pad changing, washing, dressing, feeding, and have to hoist the
person from bed to chair and if they were doing that full time as well as
keeping the person doing activity’s to help stimulate there mined this would be
a full time job for the parents or other family members that help support the

3.1 The type of services offered to people with learning disabilities
could be things like day care facilities which enables the individual to have
support for things like sensory needs and exercise and gives the parents a few
hours brake while the person has things to do while meeting other people which
enables the social interaction.     







4.1 Social inclusion is wear a person may have difficulties
in interacting with other people as if the person has autism they may get
anxious or scared as they may struggle with communication to let the person
know how they are feeling around other people that there not used to which can
cause behaviours as it may be out the induvial comfort zone.

4.2 Advocacy is where a person represents the induvial who
may have learning difficulties to support there wellbeing and any decision the
person wishes.  

4.3 Different types of advocacy could be for wellbeing or
finance it could be to support the person with any choices they wish to make
independently and to ensure there’s a fair decision.

4.4 Ways to build empowerment and active participation into
everyday support with individuals with learning disabilities would to be to
give the people with learning disabilities a choice in how they would like to
be treated and what they would like to do and how they would like to be
supported. People with learning disabilities may need support in communication
so if a person is non-verbal they may need to use flash cards to get there
point across. Other people may need to use sign language to be supported   

5.1 Attitudes are changing in relation to individuals with
learning disabilities as there are more support for people with learning
disabilities as there is more training to teach people with learning
difficulty’s and more things to enable people with learning difficulties to
become more successful. Where as years ago there was no support for people with
learning disabilities that were getting left behind. 

5.2 The positives and Negative’s aspects of being labelled
as having a learning disability are.


More support for people

There is more acceptance.

Your no longer get left behind.

You have more empowerment.

You have more choices.


People make fun of those less fortunate.

When you apply for a job you might not get it as
another person may get it due to not having a learning disability.

You may be struggling with confidence.

You may have low self-esteem.

You may not know what support is out there.


5.3 You can provide services like day services to people
with learning difficulties and advertise the setting in papers and radio and
even telly and by putting leaflets around the place like door to door about
what services you could offer people with learning difficulties to promote
there is a place for the person to go that will be accepted.   

5.4 The external agencies and others in changing attitudes
towards individuals with learning disabilities and there family’s and carers
are changing as there is now more support for the people with learning
disabilities and there family’s that can have more support there are things
like respite facility’s to give the family a brake were the person would have
somewhere to go for a temporary stay where they could socialize and be with
other people and be cared for as well as sensory needs and more funding for
people as parents had to give up there jobs to become a full time career to
look after the person.     

6.1a A person can adapt to communication to a person with a
learning disability that are non-verbal by learning to use flash cards as well
as Makaton and looking in the persons care plan of how they communicate and how
to approach the person.

6.1b First you would look at the persons care plan to fined
out how they communicate and how to approach the individual. Were some people
being non-verbal and have different methods to communicate and you would have
to adapt your approach to how they communicate like if a person uses picture to
refence you would have to make sure you have the pictures you need to interact
with the person to see what they would like and look out for signs to see
whether it interests them.

Another person may use Makaton so you would have to learn
Makaton and then when your talking to a person with Makaton you would have to
be able to read the person on how they reply.

6.2 Its important to use language that’s is both age
appropriate and ability appropriate when communicating with a person with
learning disabilities to protect yourself from any allegation and support the
person in the right way.

6.3The ways of checking weather the communication was
affective and was understood and how to address any misunderstandings is to see
how they react and what their response is and to ask another member of staff to
help support the communication to make sure the relevant information is given
and if a misunderstanding appears you have someone else there to support the
person as well as protecting  yourself
from allegation.  


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