1. of the UK’s work force. This was all


1. The UK’s Record on Unemployment


What is the UK’s recent record on unemployment? (Start with the 1930s and
work forward)

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In the present
day, unemployment has risen. But the peak was in 2011 where it had reached
2.7m. And has never reached or got close to the 3m barrier which had been
passed in 1980/81 and 1990/91. Although the unemployment figures have fallen
faster than originally expected, due to labour’s remarkable performance in the


During the
1930s, there was a famously disastrous unemployment situation. With the
industrial sectors being hit the worst. The unemployment rate had risen to
2.5m, this equated to 25% of the UK’s work force. This was all a result of the
lack of modernization to these industries post-war


believe there was a golden age during the 1950s and 1960s, unemployment rarely
drifted above 2%. This was a prolonged period of full employment which was
helped by a commitment to full employment, which was an important agenda of the
post war consensus. A post war economic boom also aided this golden age.


There was a
continuum of troubled decades during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. There was an
upwards drift in the unemployment rate during the 1970s which saw it rise to 1m
in 1979. Then as a result of the recession of 1980/81 the rate stayed near 3m
during 1982-1986. The figure once again peaked at 3m after the 1990/91
recession in 1993.


2. Who are the Unemployed?


What are the main groups of
unemployed people in the UK? Explain why each group suffers higher than average
levels of unemployment.


Many younger people are likely to be
unemployed due to lack of skills. The lack of skills and experience will make
it harder for these younger people to break into the workforce and find first
jobs. People of an older age are less likely to be unemployed although there is
a hard core of over 50s haven’t been employed in over a year, this is a very
hard demographic to shift.


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