1) in this era of change. 3) Skill development

jump from Employee engagement to employee experience

2016 was the year that focused on
the employees and their dedication towards the workplace. Now, the coming years
are going to focus on experience of the employee in place of their engagement.
From identifying the problems it will morph into enabling a solution. If the
employee experience enhances, it creates positive work environment and also
increases work done by them.

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The shift from individuals to
teams, to networks of teams is set to increase. Establish strong organizational cultures without walls
and connect individuals from a vast range of backgrounds, skill sets and even
time zones or countries. With different workforces, comes increased innovation
and changes which are needed in this era of change.



The main focus nowadays is of
talent recognition, management and its development particularly for the
managerial and technical roles. Every company should focus on identifying the
right amount of skills of employees and motivate them to develop it further. If
the employee is skillfully strong, it can be advantageous for the company and
its strategies. Ex: Google believes in training and polishing the required
skills of its employees so that they can perform well.



Innovation only comes as a result
of change, and change is not possible without somebody being willing to rock
the proverbial boat. And that can be rocked by the HR managers of the business.
If innovation takes place, optimizing and achieving the set goals are easily
accomplished too. Ex: Tesla Motors have been ranked top on the list of World’s
most Innovative Companies in the year 2016.


access from smart devices

Payroll software access from smart
hand-held devices is one of such trends which help the HR team and each
organizational employee to keep real-time track on payrolls. It’s a centralized
system that binds every organization members in a common forum and enables the
staff to gain remote payroll access through individual emails. Just like our
ERP System followed at the University for our attendance and academic



To optimize maximum productivity
from the employees at the organization, HR teams have started adopting ways for
measuring employee progress, over a specific period of time. They track
employee performance and also counsel and train the employees, from time to
time. They engage the organizational staff through varied ways.



Having technology surrounding us at
all times, nowadays people work more with machines than with teams. From the
ground-level to the top management, artificial intelligence is becoming more
prevalent across organizations. So the HR has to remain fully aware about such
technological changes and use it efficiently to improve business productivity. It
would be a challenge for the HR teams but it is a challenge worthwhile.



Customized applications also allow
HR to effortlessly manage payrolls of different kinds of employees: full-time,
part-time and freelancers. Thus, they find the right fit to their professional
requirements and use the custom applications with maximum efficiency.


in Open Cloud Space

The emergence of cloud technology
has influenced the ways of business execution. Today, most companies are moving
towards cloud-based apps and are enjoying the cost-efficiency, convenience and
flexibility of cloud solutions. The HR departments of medium and large-sized
MNCs have lately embraced this HR software
technology to simplify its day-to-day activities such as
attendance and leaves, managing payrolls and also date entry and backup.


10)  Work Culture prioritizing health
and happiness

The focus on work-life balance, but
with a stronger emphasis on employers supporting mental and physical health
would be seen. Ex: Companies such as Humanize are insurance programs that offer
discounts according to your activity levels or lifestyle choices.


11)  Training and Development

Matching talent with the skills of
an employee are important rather than the process other way around. Hence the
work of HR teams is of hiring workers who can act as skill trainers and
instructional leaders. If an employee is well trained, he can achieve higher
outcome as compared to the employee who isn’t trained. Hence, training and
development can result in higher outcome and thereby finishing the target. Ex:
US as a country spend around $4.5 billion of training and development programs.
Wherein, Amazon is one company which is included in the list.


12)  Workplace Demographic Shift

If we observe the current market,
the exit of Millennials and the entry of GenZers in round the corner and in some
sectors they even have entered the workforce. So with this change we can also
see the changes in their work habits, attitudes toward the workplace and also
their goal setting and work results. All these changes constitute for a change
in the work orientation as well. So the HR Team has to undergo changes in its
policies for these new entrants as well so that they remain intact with their organization
comfortably without any hindrance.


13)  Agile Performance Reviews

Younger generations in the office
expect instant gratification from technology and social interactions; it’s a
trend translating into their daily working lives. Hence, annually graded
performance sheets are going to end soon and social media recognition with
agile and flexible approach reviews are going to take place if the organization
needs to remain in the business and take care of its employees.



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