1.0 REVIEW 2.1 LEADERSHIP AND WOMEN Leadership has a



Leading is about guiding the followers on the path or
leaders guiding their employees to achieve the organization’s goals (Ritinger,
2014). It can be a successful strategy by improving leadership in the
organizations (Folta et al, 2012). In leadership, there are typically neutral
not to give an attention to a gender. A leader is a leader and ignore about the
gender. However, there are a different opinions among the researches (Zaharah
& Daud, 2008). Many studies show that the leadership styles and
characteristics are related with the gender (Chin, 2011) and there are the
differences of leadership styles between men leaders and women leaders (Zaharah
& Daud, 2008). But some other studies show that men leaders and women
leaders behave more alike and there are no bigger differences between them
(Chin, 2011) and concluded that the leadership styles is independent of gender
(Zaharah & Daud, 2008).

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Usually, the big organizations have a men leaders and rarely
seen for the women leaders to be a leader in the big organizations. But
nowadays, we can see that the women leaders also can be a leaders in the big
organizations (Pflanz, 2011). All the women leaders that have been succeed have
a great leadership qualities in themselves. There are many leadership qualities
that can be found on women leaders (Ozge, 2010). Based on the articles that
have been studied, the most leadership qualities of women leaders that have
been stated in the articles are confidence, determination and emotionally
intelligent. All these three qualities are important to make the women leaders’
as a great leaders.






Leadership has a variety meaning of it. Most of the
leadership’s definition have agreed that leadership is generally concern with a
person who goes to encourage and lead the followers and employees to reach the
objectives (Zaharah & Daud, 2008). Leadership is one of the main elements
in producing changes at multiple levels such as working environment and
organization’s policy. Leadership is important for effective approach for
attaining environmental and policy changes. There has been many assumptions on
the leadership styles and leadership strengths of women versus men (Folta et
al, 2012).


As more women are conquering the position of leaders in the
society, the established questions have been resurfaced whether the women
leaders can lead or not and how excellently they can lead their followers and
employees. The cause that women choose to be a leaders is the obstacles they
meet on their leadership’s journeys can be faced by them strongly and
efficiently (Pflanz, 2011). Women have gradually moved toward larger gender
equality at home and in the workplace. Many women represented in leadership
roles in variety of fields such as corporations, institutions of higher
education and politic field (Dunn et al, 2014).


2.2       CONFIDENCE


Having confidence is not about show-off but about not damage
the abilities that have. Confidence is often strengthen through experiences
that test the capabilities of the individual (Pflanz, 2011). A leaders have to
be confident. Leaders have grown success through their ability to be confident.
The employees like trustworthy leaders because it gives them a feeling of trust
and everyone want to follow a leaders who they can trust (Merchant, 2012). Many
believe that women can learn to develop confidence in their own abilities by
respond to the feedback, maintain relationships with the employees and
developing capability that sets them apart (Ozge, 2010).




Determination are such a willingness to fail and the process
of learning from the mistakes. It is also simply to define determination as the
spirits that keep the leaders moving forward and not give up. Determination is
critical because everyone is going to face the difficulties in life and the
important thing is getting back up when the difficulties knock down (John,
2017). Successful leaders stay positive and never give up even with the
failures. A leaders who knows what they want is always determined. They will
not let the failures block them from achieving their goals and believe in
themselves. They do not waste time with the activities that do not give them a
good outputs. Every women had a work ethics that make them can face the difficulty
continuously (Merchant, 2012).




Emotionally intelligent include of self-regulation,
motivation, empathy and social skill.

Many successful leaders have experienced difficulties and
obstacles on their path to success. In facing the problems, they have to
develop resistance, persistence and a strong will to become role models for
others. Leaders have learned how to handle with their emotions, making them
emotionally mature and intelligent. It is a leader’s capabilities of handling
with difficulties in an emotionally intelligent method. Emotional intelligence
and the capabilities of handling with personal feelings, failures and obstacles
in life, make successful leaders different from those who have less belief in
their personal capabilities (Zaharah & Daud, 2008).




The method that have been used by the researchers to find
out the qualities of a women leaders are combination of qualitative and
quantitative methods. The qualities of the women leadership can best be exposed
through the interview process (Pflanz, 2011). The data were collected through
conducting the interview session. The interview focus on the qualitative method
as it targeted to approach without giving the interviewees many limitations
with predetermined answers (Ritinger, 2014). Qualitative method is a practical
strategy poses questions through the interviews or observation from people experiences
(Omaymah, 2010). With the qualitative method, the researchers expected
interviewees to talk spontaneously. Gathering and examining the qualitative
data required personal involvement with the interviewees (Pflanz, 2011).
Besides, some of the answers from the interview session can be examined
quantitatively and can be shown by graphs or statistic (Ritinger, 2014). Based
on the study, there are three main qualities that have in women leaders. The
qualities are included confidence, determination and emotional intelligence.


In order to be an effective leaders, the leaders need to
believe in her own capabilities more than anyone else. By taking the risks, the
women leaders shows their confidence in their leadership abilities. Many women
leaders show their skills for leadership as well as the confidence in
themselves (Pflanz, 2011). The successful women leader usually have a high
confidence to inspire their employees. In terms of self-confidence, it was
grown through consideration, personal traits and abilities in managing
something. Women are knowing to have more self-confidence. Self-confidence is
needed so that the women leaders will be more capable and can get job done
successfully and efficiently (Dunn et al, 2014).


Women leaders that have the confidence in themselves usually
has a vision and courage. The leaders will have a vision and know where they
need to go to accomplish the goals. The women leaders have a strategic plan for
the employees in order to reach the goals. The confidence also will make the
leader become braver to faces the problems. Women leaders that have the
confidence also great in communications. A confidence leader will chooses their
words carefully and precisely before speak. Even when in emergency time, they
will not show any panic signs in their voice and gestures (Ozge, 2010). When
the leaders have a great confidence, the employees that around them also will
feel confidence. Confidence makes the women leaders happy about them leading
the employees and can control the risks. A confident women leaders able to
build the strong and long relationship with their employees. Women leaders that
have a confidence can identify the opportunities to establish good outcome for
their employees (Zaharah & Daud, 2008).


More than half of the leaders are demanding and determined,
targeting for high performance and good work from their employees. More than
half of the interviewees described that their leaders are care a lot about the
employees’ feelings and have concerned for their employees. Base on the study,
the women leaders are convinced that it is important to support the employees
in the organization (Ritinger, 2014). Determination was an important trait for
women leadership. Rather than run from the challenges, the women leaders tend
to faces the challenges even though the challenges were difficult (Dunn et al,


Determination also help women leaders to overcome the
unexpected situations. When things do not occurred based on the plans that have
been made, move it to the next plan is the best choice that the leaders can do.
Determination also help the women leaders to keep focused on what they are
doing. Determination also can be the encouragement and support for the women
leaders. Successful women leaders with determination know that they need to do
the hard work to accomplish the goals (John, 2017).


100% of the leaders can be described as grateful, which
means that they greatly respect their employees and the effort they are doing.
Women leaders try to increase the self-esteem of their employees by cheering
them and giving praises for the good performance (Ritinger, 2014). The women
leaders tend to help their employees and concern with their employees (Pflanz,
2011). The interviewed women leaders stated that they focus especially on their
emotional feeling, empathy and instinct when it comes to solving problems
(Ritinger, 2014). Based on the study, women leaders were more likely to have an
emotional intelligent in their leadership style. This style of leadership was
effective and reliable with a female gender role and make women like this style
(Folta et al, 2012).


The leadership style of this kind of leaders include
creating and communication a shared vision and innovative. Women leaders have a
nice values such as have a great communication skills, concern, humility,
patience and strength are important in leadership. Successful leaders have a
styles which is make it possible for all the members of a community to join,
approachable and reachable and are well-connected to others (Folta et al,
2012). For better communication with the employees, the female leaders
developed their skills and abilities (Omaymah, 2010). Women leaders tend to
ensure that the working environment are friendly, safe and comfortable for the
employees to do the works. Women leaders also will make sure that all her
employees have a strong spirit among them (Zaharah & Daud, 2008).

 4.0       CONCLUSIONS


Confidence, determination and emotional intelligence are
important traits that need to be possessed by the women leaders. All these
qualities will make the leaders work effectively and efficiently. Women leaders
need to have high confidence in themselves so that the followers and employees
can trust them to be followed. Women leaders should have high confidence to
make the decisions. Confidence not only allow the leaders to make decisions,
but it also to encourage women leaders to lead the meeting with authority,
great communications and the faith that the employees can give to accomplish
the organization’s goals. By having confidence, it also will enable the women
leaders to make spontaneous decisions without having a hesitation.


Women leaders also need to be determination in doing their
works.  Determination can help the women
leaders to overcome the unexpected situations that occur. Determination also
help the women leaders to face the challenges strongly. Determination makes the
women leaders become focus in any situations and determination can be the
support for the women leaders to make a decisions. By having determination in
leadership, the women leaders can know that it was their responsibility to make
sure the goals are accomplished.


Followers and employees like to follow the friendly leaders
and work in comfortable environment. By having the emotional intelligence, the
women leaders can easily handle the personal feelings and failures. Employees
also will like to work with the leaders that can increase their self-esteem and
releasing them from stress of works. The employees will be more happy and exciting
to work with the leaders that have emotional intelligence in her leadership.
So, the women leaders need to have emotional intelligence in themselves.



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