1.0 important engineers to the society are. Engineering define

1.0 Introduction

There are countless ways to explain how important
engineers to the society are. Engineering define as a profession which encompass
scientific knowledge, mathematics, and then experimentation and applied with
practice to bring and develop something that benefits to the mankind.

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 Besides, the
role as an engineer is to minimize the possibility of damages that affects the
surrounding and ecosystem, and also design infrastructure that are benefits to
the human which is safe and convenient.

The only purpose of engineers is to bring convenient
and benefits to the mankind by improving the living habits and transportation.
For example, the Rawang Bypass that was officially launched on 29 November
2017. It was built to shorten the journey and allow the people to save their
times to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Rawang and back then.

Furthermore, engineering also need for the planning
for the continuous increasing number of population and also to ensure that their
sufficient resources for the people in the future.


The Importance of Engineering Education

Engineering education enterprise benefits civic,
economic, and intellectual activity in this country. Those engineering
graduates able to integrate scientific and engineering principles to develop
products and processes that contribute to economic growth, advances in medical
care, enhanced national security systems, ecologically sound resource
management, and many other beneficial areas.

As a result, students who graduate with engineering degrees
bring highly prized skills into the engineering sectors. Maybe some of them
would conduct research that results social technology. Or some of them would
produce and manage the technological innovations. Or some bring advancement of
technology into the fields as diverse as health care, financial services, law
and government.

Historically, engineering faculty played an important
role and has been the major contributors to the country and society. In order
to become succeed in the coming decades, engineering fields will have to be
more imaginative, more research on the societal needs and interdisciplinary.

Overview of INTI International University

International University & Colleges is one of the most well-known private
higher education industries in Malaysia. It has a network of 80 accredited
universities in 28 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the
Middle East.

addition, INTI also has been part of the world’s leading private universities
among the private universities network. It partners with many reputable
universities such as United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, New
Zealand and China, where they provide options to the students to further their
studies either in abroad or complete their degree in Malaysia.

the other sides, INTI core belief is to provide education that will qualify
student’s life. It will provide programmes that enrich students with the
rightful skills and attributes where they can perform it in whatever they do in
the future.


2.2 Engineering Courses
in INTI International University

International University and Colleges get the students the best industry
experience thru internships. They provide to students the opportunity to work
with world-class companies such as Ricoh, Gamuda, Megasteel, TopRank, Top
Gloves, and many more companies.

INTI International University and Colleges provide the student with the best
Engineering laboratories and workshops in Malaysia. It has been one of the
largest numbers of engineering laboratories and workshops in Malaysia, such as
FABLAB, AUTOCAD LAB, FLUID LAB for students’ experimentation, gathering data
and other practical engineering needs.

The Engineering programmes provided by INTI have been recognised by related
professional bodies, for instance Board of Engineers Malaysia, Malaysian
Optical Council, and Nursing Board Malaysia.





2.3 INTI International
University Engineering Student’s Achievements

13 June 2017, four mechanical engineering students from INTI International
University (INTI) developed a robot with built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI).
The purpose of the robot is to keep the recreational parks always cleans by
picking up and sorting out garbage that can be recycled.

four friends have developed a proposal plan for the building of a robot that
fit on that year’s competition theme ‘Environmental Sustainability’, under the
guidance from the faculty members, Associate Professor Ir. Dr. How Ho Cheng and
Dr. Gilbert Thio from Faculty of Engineering and Quantity Surveying.

second-year students had won the second-place title at that year’s competition.
The competition took place at University Cidade Salvador (UNIFACS) in Brazil,
where they competed at the Laureate Award for Excellence in Robotics


(left to right) Diana Faraón, International
Office Coordinator, UNIFACS; Ir. Dr. How Ho Cheng, Imarú Arias, Academic
Director for Engineering and Business, Laureate Network Office; Sunder Raj
Sundara Murthy; Gustavo Fiod, Electrical Chief Engineer, Ford Motor Company;
Chan Wah Biao, Tushentan Ravishandran and Vinod Krishnan K Arvindra Dass.





2.4 INTI International
University’s Mission

over 30 years of experience in the education industry, INTI continues to be a
force to be reckoned with in providing quality education for young Malaysians
who are now sought after by some of today’s leading multinational companies.
This is further demonstrated through INTI’s strong industry linkage with over
450 companies which has resulted in INTI’s high employability rate in 2015
validated by BDO Governance Advisory with 98% of INTI graduates being employed
within six months of graduation with 82% earning incomes higher than the market
average and 25% of graduates receiving job offers even before they graduate.




















No country or society today would succeed without the
adoption of engineering at some level. Engineering and engineers have had an
enormous impact on every aspect of our modern lives.

As we are entering the age of “distributed
intelligence”, where we are in the era in which knowledge is available to
anyone, anywhere, at any time; in which power, information, and responsibility are
moving away from centralized control to the individual.

Engineering education is very important, and it needs
to reform and renewal and to consider both undergraduate and graduate programs
from a holistic view. There will be need further efforts to integrate the
important interdisciplinary elements of science and engineering and, equally
important, the context of the practice and role of engineering in a
technology-driven society in the curriculum.


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