01.04 they’re completely frozen. Conclusion My hypothesis was supported

01.04 Lab Report



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How does adding salt affect the freezing
point of water?




Adding salt affects the freezing point of
water because, once you add the salt to the water then the water will take a
lot of time to freeze.




Controls (list everything you’re keeping
the same): A refrigerator and some containers, along with a cup.

Dependent Variable (the thing you’re measuring):
Good and reasonable amount of salt


Independent Variable (the one thing you’re
changing): Large supply of water




Spread out 2 different containers.

Pour both a half of salt and water into
the containers.

Repeat Step 2 but instead with just water
in a cup.

Sit both containers and cup into the
freezer for 3 hours. Go back and check the progress every 20-30 minutes.


Data and


As 2 hours passed, I first took the cup
out with just water in it which turns out to be completely frozen and froze
faster than the containers. Now, for the containers; I took them out of the
freezer to find out that they didn’t have the same results as the cup it was
just a little frozen but when I tapped the ice It was still liquid on the
inside so the top was the only one that froze. Another hour goes by and I check
to see the progress of the containers and they’re completely frozen.




My hypothesis was supported by the data
because the salt-water does take longer to freeze.




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