· and red because of the preexisting bias for

hyena have something
called a pseudo-penis which is kind of like a penis within another penis, and
that is considered downright dangerous because males have to be submissive
around the females or they might get beaten up; pseudo-penises are where babies
are given birth out of and only 60% of them would survive; since there’s
an inside-out uterus for female
hyenas, it makes giving birth more difficult but there are advantages to it;
females have a lot of testosterones, resulting in a pseudo-penis

Proscar is for men and should not be used by
women or children when there a fetus inside, because it can actually affect the
organization of the fetus that is developing

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is important for social communication between female hyenas and there were placed
androgenic chemicals, but scientists don’t know why females have a pseudo-penis

sounds are given by moths
and they can also make intersonic sound as well, and this allows them to
communicate with the predator that is present, telling them “I’m poisonous,
don’t eat me”

can communicate to both mates and predators as well

mite males use the same
communication as the prey he is communicating with

who were more hungry are willing to mate with the male (sensory exploitation)

A dot
on cichlid fish indicates egg spots for a mouth
breeder who wants to put eggs into their mouth, and some of them mate by making
a divot for the female, and because of that, she will drop the eggs and pick
them up again later after her eggs get fertilized, and she will become a
breeder; this is a great way of carrying your offspring with you when they are

cichlid fishes have preference over the spots such as orange, yellow and red
because of the preexisting bias for the egg, but it’s actually for food and so
they actually run towards it and open their mouth and this explains their

get their beautiful colors from their foraging behavior

fruits give males their bright color and females guppies are selecting males
for their ability to forage based off of their color (something that is colored
orange can be a potential mate)


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